Internal Corporate Investigations

Internal corporate investigations are essential for companies to examine any allegations of misconduct or compliance issues within their business. These investigations can cover an organization’s broad array of issues that could become significant if not properly dealt with after an investigation. Proper internal investigations require diligence and discretion to identify any irregularities that need addressing.

Involving an experienced lawyer can significantly enhance the effectiveness of an organization’s internal investigation. Scotts’ legal guidance throughout the investigation can help ensure the company’s interests are safeguarded and strategies are developed to address and rectify any issues uncovered.

Protection During Internal Investigations

Protecting sensitive information is often a top priority when initiating an internal audit, especially when the audit is initiated in response to or anticipation of federal government inquiries. Some common data or information that may be mishandled during an internal corporate investigation include proprietary information, employee records, and communication logs. Mishandled information can put the entire internal investigation at risk and cause damage to the corporation’s reputation or even legal liabilities.

Internal audit attorneys play a vital role in ensuring an investigation is carefully carried out, and essential data is thoroughly protected throughout the audit. Scott understands how to establish the necessary protocols to safeguard confidential and sensitive information and prevent unauthorized disclosures in an investigation. With his legal knowledge, the integrity of each company is maximized while the potential risk of the internal investigation is minimized.

Corporate Internal Investigation Services

Scott offers various services tailored to prevent misconduct and ensure adherence to the organization’s regulatory standards. Some of his services for internal investigations include:

  • Implementing or Reviewing Corporate Policies and Procedures
  • Conducting Compliance Audits
  • Providing Employee Training on Common Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Establishing Mechanisms for Reporting Issues Internally
  • Addressing Misconduct Identified in an Investigation

Preventative measures not only help avoid disruptions and costs associated with issues that could have been discovered in an investigation but also strengthen the organization’s overall governance and corporate culture. By partnering with Scott Tenley, you can help protect your company’s assets, reputation, and stakeholder relationships.

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A knowledgeable corporate internal investigations lawyer can significantly improve internal audit management and effectively resolve identified challenges. Scott knowledgeably assists businesses through each stage of an internal investigation to provide strategic advice about compliance issues that could lead to substantial costs. Call now to discuss your case.